Welcome to By His Stripes

Located on Thunderhorn-US, BladesEdge-US, Agamaggan-US, Archimonde-US, Burning Legion-US, Jaedenar-US, Kargath-US, Norgannon-US, TheUnderdog-US.

We are a place for people to come together and experience game content in a Family Friendly / Christian (PG-PG13) environment. We enjoy Questing, Mythics+, PvP and Raiding (Normal & Heroic.) We strive to get content done.

As stated in John 15:17 “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” All are welcome regardless of beliefs, Christian or Non-Christian. We do expect you to abide by our rules.

By His Stripes strives to provide a safe atmosphere for all of our members to play and enjoy the game of WoW. This means we encourage and promote a family friendly environment where everyone feels safe and welcome, from a young child to an adult. We will strive to present an environment where we can openly talk about our love for God and our faith. This means that even though we do not require all members to be Christian, we will freely and openly talk about spiritual issues in both the forums and within guild chat. Our faith and love for our Lord is what has brought us together, and we will freely express it. We will also strive to be a witness to others in the World of Warcraft. We will let our actions speak for us in many situations and treat each other and others with respect.

We hope you enjoy BHS! If you need help, feel free to contact any of the officers below in game or in Discord.


  • Bert | Brubert
  • Guild Master (Retail)

  • Chad | Aliatra
  • Officer/Raid Assist/Website

  • Beverly | Erah
  • Officer/Banker

  • Jay | Makarios/Goldrinn
  • Officer/Website/Social Media/ Guild Master (Classic)

  • JP | Hexnut
  • Officer/Raid Assist/Website

  • Ken | Wildrunnings
  • Officer/Raid Assist

  • Sarge | Snorlaxx
  • Officer/Raid Assist

  • Steve | Wind
  • Officer/Raid Assist

    Inactive Officers
  • Ann | Ohdear
  • Ron - Onebeardd
  • A Founder

  • Joy | Shapandagans